Sounds of simulations: data listening space

Sounds of simulations: data listening space

Vogt, Katharina and Pirrò, David and Rumori, Martin and Höldrich, Robert

Proceedings of the 38th International Computer Music Conference, ICMC 2012


Simulations, as widely used in science, need to be perceptualized. Data from computational physics’ simulations provide an interesting application case for sonification, which was studied in the research project QCD-audio. Within the project, the data listening space was set up as an interactive installation in Nov. 2009 in Graz, Austria. It allowed non-experts to immerge into the sonification of lattice quantum electrodynamics’ data as a virtual auditory scene. Movement and position of one listener at a time were tracked and used in the sonification, establishing a tight connection between virtual and real space. The installation was evaluated in a small test setting following a grounded theory approach.


Author: David Pirrò

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