Inner Space

Inner Space

InnerSpace is part of a group of works created under the umbrella project Imperfect Reconstruction ( The image encoding/decoding is often associated with the ideal of perfect reconstruction. Experiencing something, an idea can turn into a movement, a finite set of elements, which can then be transported and unpacked as a reference to the original experience or movement. Imperfection is thus taken as a failure, for example a failure to understand. What interested us in this project were the distances and gaps that produce imperfection, defined as resistance of thoughts and movements to become determinate. InnerSpace is conceived as an 8-channels video installation for small format monitors. A complementary set of quasi-fixed video miniatures are recalled by a slightly indeterminate algorithm. As the name suggests, it was originally situated in an intimate, half-closed space, but it also refers to the fact that each piece is, in one way or another, connected to our noö-topology, the spatial particularity of our mind, the way we internalise the algorithmic.

Showed at:

  • xCoAx 2017 Lisbon
  • From Science to Art and Back, Stockholm October 2017



Author: David Pirrò

Created: 2022-03-12 Sat 00:11