The Metaboliser

The Metaboliser

Audio-visual Work

David Pirrò


The Metaboliser on the Researchcatalogue

The Metaboliser is an artistic audio-visual work whose development was triggered by a reaction towards a certain way of conceiving of and operating computers common in many branches of digital arts. A conception which relegates these machines to the role of mere accomplishment of a predefined task, mostly that of generating a perceptible audio or visual form for some kind of data or of the ideas of the artists. That is, computers are considered as a means for finding a solution to a problem of representation of something external.

The Metaboliser is an artistic work that embodies the ideas of networks and entanglement in different ways. It is a computational artefact that does not have a given solution to achieve: once it is started, it is a potentially endless process. Its temporal evolution is its primary sensible dimension: that is, rather than resulting in some static object which could be experienced as a singular object, the metaboliser continuously produces changing visual and auditory forms that cannot be extracted from their temporal sequence: a “snapshot” of its evolution cannot be extracted from the interconnection of its past and its future. The experience of the unfolding and development of its behaviour, the particular way in which subsequent states relate to each other, this is the mode of perception the work addresses.

This work originated within the artistic research project Transpositions.

Author: David Pirrò

Created: 2022-03-12 Sat 00:11