Physical modelling enabling enaction: an example

Physical modelling enabling enaction: an example

Pirrò, David and Eckel, Gerhard

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, NIME 2011

In this paper we present research which can be placed in the context of performance-oriented computer music. Our research aims at finding new strategies for the realization of enactive interfaces for performers. We present an approach developed in experimental processes and we clarify it by introducing a concrete example. Our method involves physical modelling as an intermediate layer between bodily movement and sound synthesis.

The historical and technological context in which this research takes place is outlined. We describe our approach and the hypotheses on which our investigations ground. The technological frame in which our research took place is briefly described. The piece cornerghostaxis#1 is presented as an example of this approach. The observations made during the rehearsals and the performance of this piece are outlined. Grounding on ours and the performers’ experiences, we indicate the most valuable qualities of this approach, sketch the direction our future experimentation and development will take, pointing out the issues we will concentrate on.


Author: David Pirrò

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