Quantum Harmonic Oscillator Sonification

Quantum Harmonic Oscillator Sonification

Saranti, Anna and Eckel, Gerhard and Pirrò, David

Appeared in: "Auditory Display", Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Editors: Ystad, Sølvi and Aramaki, Mitsuko and Kronland-Martinet, Richard and Jensen, Kristoffer, Springer Berlin Heidelberg Also appeared in: Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD2009)


This work deals with the sonification of a quantum mechanical system and the processes that occur as a result of its quantum mechanical nature and interactions with other systems. The quantum harmonic oscillator is not only regarded as a system with sonifiable characteristics but also as a storage medium for quantum information. By representing sound information quantum mechanically and storing it in the system, every process that unfolds on this level is inherited and reflected by the sound. The main profit of this approach is that the sonification can be used as a first insight for two models: a quantum mechanical system model and a quantum computation model.


Author: David Pirrò

Created: 2022-03-12 Sat 00:11